The majority of people who design bedrooms include a wardrobe in their plans. It is an important area since it serves as a place to store all of your possessions and enhances the room's appearance. A well-designed wardrobe may improve your room's interior design as a whole. You may easily search for a wardrobe online and compare the style with your space if you don't want to engage a designer. You may also go to Dream Home Store and look closely at the latest fashions for some of the newest wardrobe designs and ideas. This post will advise choosing the ideal style for your bedroom wardrobe.



The frame of a wardrobe comes in countless variations, including two-door, three-door, sliding, mirrored, flitted, and freestanding models. The mix and design of the hanging space, drawers, shelves, and shoe racks that may be included within are completely up to you once you open the door.

Therefore, you should first ask yourself what kind of storage space you mostly want. Clothes-hanging space, shoe shelves, drawers for smaller clothing items, areas for accessories or makeup, or a combination of these things?

Once you have determined the precise purpose of your wardrobe, you can consider the functionality it must provide. This will help you determine the outside and internal requirements that your wardrobe must satisfy.


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It's crucial to understand how much hanging space you'll need for the different sorts of clothing you have. You will probably need hangers that make the most of the entire height of the closet if you want to store long coats, evening gowns, and dressing gowns there rather than elsewhere in the house. By contrast, suits, short dresses, and jumpers may hang nicely on half-height rails. Therefore, the quantity of hanging space is immediately doubled.

Consider carefully what will be placed on the shelves and drawers when it comes to storage space. With built-in jewellery drawers, store racks, and adjustable cubby holes, many modern closets include incredibly clever internal designs that improve organisation choices, cut clutter, and even eliminate the need for additional bedroom furniture.

The depth of the shelves should also be taken into account because, at a certain point, a deeper shelf produces a "black hole" where clothing vanishes, making it difficult to locate objects towards the rear.

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A large piece of furniture is frequently challenging to move around (and impossible if it is a fitted design), and many rooms only have one suitable location for an item of the size, so it needs to fit perfectly. Consider exactly where in your bedroom wardrobe will go and be quite sure of this.

One often asked question is how big a wardrobe should be. This depends on a wide range of variables, including the size of your bedroom and your wardrobe needs. While a typical wardrobe is often taller than 182 cm, the width varies greatly, with some being as narrow as foam or as broad as 244 cm. Regarding what is now available, most manufacturers build wardrobes with a minimum depth of 45 cm, which should be sufficient to provide you with the choice of having enough shelf, drawer, and hanging space.

You can never have enough storage space, so if your budget and available space allow it, our advice is to go as big as possible. However, stay within your realistic budget and space constraints, so consider whether there will be enough clearance space to open doors easily, move around, and comfortably fit your other pieces of furniture.

For the least amount of storage, stand as tall as you can toward the ceiling. This area may be quite useful for storing spare bedding and other stuff that isn't used.

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Types of wardrobe 

You may start looking at what is offered once you have determined your functionality needs.

Choose a freestanding or completely fitted wardrobe as your first major choice. Fitted designs, available from specialised vendors but typically customised and substantially more expensive, are excellent for rooms with unusual angles, awkward alcoves, or sloping ceilings.

Regarding pricing and style, freestanding wardrobes are the most adaptable; they are often available for quicker delivery and may be relocated from room to room or home to house if necessary. The primary types available are:

  • Two-door wardrobes- Two-door wardrobes often have a fairly common layout, with the inside divided into two halves, one with drawers and the other with rails.
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  • Three-door panel wardrobe - Three-door panel wardrobes provide extra room and have an additional compartment with storage or rails.
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  • Sliding wardrobes or hinged doors - Wardrobes with sliding or hinged doors are better for small rooms since sliding doors don't need to be opened outward. Since hinged doors are more prevalent, you may place a mirror, extra hooks, or racks inside.
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The wardrobe's design plays a significant role in the bedroom's overall concept and style because it is a sizable and imposing piece of furniture.

There are countless designs, including ageless, adaptable classics, high-gloss, sleek modern, elaborate French boudoir, and minimalist Scandinavian elegance.

If you choose extravagant glass knobs, thin brushed-chrome handles, or ring pulls, these subtle accomplices may be customised and assist in overall stylistics. Small details like the handle can also affect the wardrobe's overall attractiveness. Also, consider if you want to add other pieces of furniture to your closets, such as a bedside cabinet, chest of drawers, or dressing table. Check whether the clothing is part of the set if you wish these to match.

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Material and finish 

Your wardrobe's style and functionality are greatly influenced by its fabric, colour, and surface finish. There are numerous options available, including the modular option, which allows you to mix and match to create a custom appearance that is unique to you. Here is a reference to the finest materials for wardrobes.

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  • Solid wood - Solid wood is one of the most popular materials since it is durable and strong, and each variety of wood has a distinct feel and look.
  • MDF or Particle Board - These days, the materials of choice for wardrobes are MDF or particle board since they are quite robust and cost-effective.
  • High gloss finish - This bright finish, which gives your space a sleek, modern appearance, is typically only offered in black, white, or extremely light colours.
  • Matte finish - A soft matte finish will guarantee that your item blends seamlessly into any environment and doesn't compete with other furnishings in the room.
  • Mirrors and glass - While reflecting light, opaque glass or mirrors give the space a brighter feel that works with most interior design schemes.
  • Painted finish - Available in various colours, painted wardrobes can be finished in various ways, giving them a more bohemian, complex, or rustic appearance, depending on your style preferences.
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