Are you looking for expert guidance on dining room design? It can be challenging to find the suitable dining rooms; there needs to be a balance between form (making sure it seats the appropriate number of people for your needs and that it is properly arranged so that everyone can move around all of the necessary furniture) and function (ensuring the room will wow your guest and gets the ambience spot on for the vibe you want to create). But fear not—we've asked the experts how to create an eating space that perfectly achieves the right balance.

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Therefore, whether your layout is a kitchen diner or a separate dining room that you are decorating primarily to be a glamorous venue to party in, all of these rules will assist you in making important decisions regarding colour, furniture, arrangement, and more.

Decide Your Dining Room Function 

If you're starting from scratch with your dining room, consider the space's primary purpose before digging into colour schemes and wallpaper patterns. Will you be able to have casual family dinners there as well, or is it just for dinner parties? Now that we're WFH, would it ever be required to serve as a workspace? How many chairs are you going to need? Do you want to create a casual or a more formal and refined atmosphere?

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Essentially, you must choose the furniture's intended purpose, colour scheme, and design.

Making a mood board is advised if you are unsure where to start. You can quickly identify a theme by saving or cutting out images you like from magazines. Consider drawing ideas from your favourite eateries and pubs as well, as these are great locations to find creative design.

We commonly question our clients about how often they use the dining room, how many people are typically seated at the table, and what kind of dinners they usually have—formal, plated meals, buffets from a nearby surface, or passing dishes around the table.

Get Your Dining Room Flooring Right 

While it may seem sensible to keep the floors you inherited, the flooring in a dining room is a crucial element of its performance. A dining room floor should be functional and attractive because spills and stains occur daily in these high-traffic areas.

When choosing to floor for your dining room, you should keep three things in mind: style and design, durability, and simplicity of upkeep.

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Dining rooms see much traffic, so choosing resilient flooring of the highest calibre that requires little upkeep and will last for many years is best. Picking a simple material to clean is essential and incredibly entertaining since there will surely be spills and splashes from food and beverages. Darker patterns and styles will be more tolerant of minor flaws. Hard flooring is a common choice in many homes where visitors are frequently welcomed. A high-end option that offers a durable and attractive finish is engineered wood. If you want to add a tactile touch underfoot, layer rugs to generate interest with colour and design.

Plan For Plenty Of Light 

Because it is a crucial element that will set the tone for the entire area, consider your dining room lighting early in the design phase. You want it to feel glow and ambient, but you also wish to have enough light so your visitors don't feel like they're in a cave. Avoid employing bright down-lights since they create strange shadows and concentrate sunlight in one location rather than spreading it evenly throughout the space.

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A chandelier or pendant light looks great over a dining table, clearly making it the space's focal point. However, you should also include eye-level lights around the room's corners.

Consider using dimmer switches so you can easily adjust the mood of the room based on what it is used for if the room is utilised for more practical purposes like working or if it is one of the numerous dining spaces you use every day.

Pick The Perfect Colour Scheme

Moving from the more valuable elements of dining room design to the more entertaining and creative options, Let's start by discussing colour. The colour palette you choose for your dining room will depend on the atmosphere you want to evoke: are you envisioning something dark and opulent or light and airy?

Once more, the frequency and time of your use of the area will affect your choices. Going very black can be too harsh if you usually have breakfast and lunch there; instead, go with neutrals or experiment with blues and greens. We advise choosing something profound and prosperous if it's only for an evening of entertainment.

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Consider colours that give richness and, dare we say, glamour because dining rooms are usually used for more formal social gatherings like evening dinner parties and hence tend to be the province of ambient lightings such as candles and table lamps.

Find The Perfect Dining Room Furniture 

The dining room table and chairs must be the most crucial component of the dining room design. It's also important to consider what size and shape will look best in your space before deciding. When hosting, consider how many people you'll need to seat. Would a circular table with some flexibility in where the seats can go or an extended table be the best choice?

To assess how you possible purchases will fit in the room and how simple it will be for you to manoeuvre around them, we'd even go so far as to suggest laying down masking tape in their size and form.

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If your room is a significant space, think about a long rectangular design that will fill the space nicely. Make sure everything is to scale as well. You don't want a tiny table floating on a sea of the floors. When planning a dining room, put comfort first. A spacious table and comfortable seats are necessary for the long, cosy dinner parties we usually try to picture. The dining room is situated close to the french doors that open into the garden beyond. Thus a link to the park is also used here.

Recommended Dining Room Furniture 

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