Any bedroom needs a chest of drawers as a crucial element. A chest of drawers may be the main piece of furniture that establishes your interior design and can be a fantastic space saver, which is essential for smaller spaces. However, because the bedside tables and wall art take centre stage, they are sometimes considered an afterthought. To make it as simple as possible for you to discover the ideal chest of drawers, we've put together this shopping guide.

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What is a chest of drawers? 

A piece of furniture known as a chest of drawers is characterised by an upright frame into which drawers are attached; these are often used for storage. Typically, a chest of drawers has three, four, six, or eight drawers. These drawers may be used to store things like tablecloths, bed linen, and apparel.

The shape and style of the chest of drawers vary. You may pick the best one for you based on your unique requirements. How much space do you have in the room? What do you want to store there? In a contemporary home, a chest of drawers is common in the living room and the bedroom. The top of the chest of drawers is typically used to display ornaments like candles, figurines, and plant tops.

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Types of chest of drawers 

Vertical chest of drawers 

Standard chests of drawers, often called vertical chests of drawers, are long and thin pieces of furniture used for storage. Although it normally has less capacity than a broader dresser, a vertical chest of drawers is an excellent alternative for clothing storage if your bedroom is on the smaller side. A dresser and a vertical chest of drawers can also be combined for more space-efficient storage.

Tallboy chest 

The smaller items of clothes, such as lingerie, are generally stored in a tally chest, a taller and skinnier version of a regular chest. A tallboy chest can help you organise your socks and underwear in different drawers if you frequently find that you can't fit everything in a disorganised dresser drawer. Jewellery, cosmetics, skincare goods, and other little objects can be stored in a tallboy chest.

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Bachelor's Chest 

A bachelor's chest, which has three to four drawers and is typically designed for a single individual with minimal garment storage needs, is a compact, narrow chest. Sometimes bachelor's chests are tiny enough to double as nightstands. Because of its narrowness and little storage space, this piece of furniture is referred to as a chest rather than a dresser.

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Media Chest 

A media chest is a piece of storage furniture that resembles a dresser but has an open-top shelf for a cable box. It functions well as an entertainment centre in both bedrooms and living spaces. A media chest is normally tall and broad like a dresser, so you can place your television on top at an ideal viewing height. The drawers and cupboards may store apparel, DVDs, remote controls, additional wires, and other items.

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Things to consider before buying the chest of drawers


Even in a big room, a chest of drawers typically works best when placed against a wall to divide the room. The wall's or wall length should be determined. Not only does the wall need to "measure up," but you must also consider how far it can extend into the room without obstructing pathways or appearing to close off too much space. You are contemplating placing on the to see the maximum size you can accept.

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The quantity of storage space you require depends on the size of the area you have available. Once you know this, you can decide whether you'll keep only a few wardrobe items or whether your chest of drawers will hold everything from bedding to jewellery.

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As a chest of drawers' height varies widely, especially with modular sections that permit the stacking of many pieces, you may essentially have whatever height you want. Comfort and ease of access are two considerations when choosing the height of your chest of drawers; you want to be able to reach everything within your dresser while putting items away and taking them out.

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Regarding the chest of drawers, there is a wide variety of materials available, including wood, metal, plastic, laminates, and just about everything in between. This is fantastic news if you wish to match the decor of the rest of the space.

You can let your style run wild when choosing chests of drawers because, unlike bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, or bedrooms, they typically don't have any special environmental high level of traffic. Harder-wearing materials like metals and wood will withstand the frequent opening and shutting better than laminations made of MDF or more affordable alternatives since they can withstand a lot of use.

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The finishing touches on a chest of drawers, including handles and knobs as well as mirrors, can significantly alter how one of the bigger pieces of furniture in your bedroom looks. There are several methods for opening a drawer: basic rope pulls, lengthy bars, spherical metal knobs, and concealed handles. Remember that certain handles are simpler to operate than others in children's rooms, especially for small hands. Think about mixing and matching pieces with the hardware already in your space for a coherent aesthetic.

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Only the amount of storage you desire in the chest of drawers will determine how many drawers it needs. It's common to encounter chests of drawers that have drawers of various sizes. If you need to store a variety of products, such as sweaters and socks, in the same unit, this range of storage might be useful.

It might be nice to have a chest of drawers that is comfortable and simple to use, fits well, and looks fantastic since it is one of the bigger pieces of furniture in your home. Consider all the factors mentioned above when selecting your next chest of drawers when applying the information in the guide.

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