A sofa bed is a must if your home is small or if you frequently host more overnight visitors than you have space in a spare room. A sofa bed that can serve as both your primary couch and a bed when necessary may be a terrific space-saving addition to your home office, transforming the area into one that can serve several purposes.

Choosing the best sofa bed to meet your needs might be challenging, given the variety of layouts available. Therefore, we have created this guide to simplify decision-making greatly. We'll go over everything you need to consider, from the type of sofa mechanism you should choose to the size of sofa bed that will work best for you.

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Why a 3-seater sofa bed?

Sofa beds are quite practical. They serve as a place to sit and unwind and an additional sleeping space for visitors and those who frequently nod off their sofa. If you have the room, a 3-seater sofa bed will provide you with the best value since it offers enough space for a family to sit down and allows two adults to sleep in a comfortable area.

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Type of 3-seater sofa bed

The sofa bed's conversion into an actuarial bed should be considered initially—the various varieties of sofa beds. We're concentrating on fold-outs and click-clack.

Click-Clack Sofa Bed 

Simply fold the backrest down until it rests flat to convert couch beds into beds, like this quality velvet sofa bed. You may sit on the sofa; a mattress is not necessary.

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When turning your click-clack couch bed into a bed, you'll need to move it away from the wall if it's put up against a wall. Although some have a little storage room, you can't keep bedding inside a click-clack, but you can quickly and easily make one into a bed. While not as comfy as other couch beds, click-clack sofa beds are suitable for occasional usage and typically less expensive.


  • Simple to change from a chair to a bed and back
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Less expensive than a pull-out couch bed. 


  • Have to be pulled away from a wall to convert into a bed 

Pull-Out Sofa Bed 

These sofa beds offer a more conventional sleeping space with an integrated mattress, with the back of the couch serving as a headboard. When it's time to sleep, you unfold and roll out the mattress linked to a frame. There is typically enough room to keep some sheets with the mattress.

They come in many designs and are often more comfortable than click-clack.

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  • More comfort, and occasionally you may select the kind of mattress
  • more suitable for frequent sleeping
  • More like a bed in feel


  • Heavy to move 
  • More expensive than click-clack

Benefits of a 3-Seater Sofa Bed 

A three-seater sofa bed may make a place more upscale in interior design. Because you can combine a bed and a sofa into one useful and fashionable solution, sofa beds are ideal for compact houses.

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Compared to a two-seater sofa bed or a huge three-seater sofa bed that can accommodate more people, they offer a quick and easy solution to extra seating and sleeping space around the house. This is especially helpful if you have a last-minute visit from a large group of visitors or a family. They come in a variety of materials, mattress depths, and designs.

Best Three-Seater Sofa Bed Design In 2022

Premium Velvety Sofa Bed 

Our Sofa Bed is the perfect solution to minimise clutter and conserve space. It can double up as a bed for when guests come over and ensure you have enough space for your guest to sit on, or if there are two sleeping on it, or if there are two sleeping on it, still have plenty of room for them after sleeping. Made with a wooden frame, it comes with premium velvety fabric. 

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This couch bed comprises a high-quality timber frame with wooden legs, PU foam, foam springs, and velvety fabric with no colour fading or discolouration. This sofa bed has built-in bedding interior storage space and may be utilised as a corner couch bed. This couch bed has a trendy design and a sleeping space with firm springs. With a straightforward "Click-Clack" mechanism, you can convert this couch into a bed. It can also be adjusted at 3 degrees (i.e., 105, 140 and 180 degrees). This couch bed has a striking and lovely design and is offered in 4 attractive, complementary colour options.

A 5-year manufacturer's guarantee is included with this couch bed of exceptional quality.

Modern Velvety Three-Seater Sofa

When you need more sleeping space, turn this three-seater sofa into a comfy sofa bed for the night. This versatile piece complements the classic and modern interior with its backrest, Comfortable cushion and fluid lines; this sofa is sure to become an instant favourite. 

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These contemporary quality velvet couch beds come in nine exquisite colour variations to compliment your interior décor. Under the foam springs and velvet fabric, comprised of PU foam and a high-quality hardwood frame, there is no discolouration or colour fading. This couch bed includes a comfortable sleeping area with spring support and a ribbed tufted cushion for further comfort and a fashionable appearance. With a simple "Click-Clack" mechanism and adjustable angles, this sofa may be converted into a sofa bed (i.e., 105 and 180). There is a 5-year manufacturer's warranty included with this couch.

Tips For Buying 3-Seater Sofa Bed Online

Read Reviews - Everyone with the time to leave a review has something to contribute. Negative reviews might occasionally be preferable to none. Consequently, bear it in mind as well. You can assess any problems and the sofa's durability by reading reviews.

Check the Measurements - Measurements should be verified, creating a floor layout. Measure your doors to ensure the sofa parts will fit through them. Even though the components are modular, the picture might be deceptive because they are big. It is unquestionably a benefit if the section's feet are removable.

Look at "customer Photos" - Seeing the couch in a real living room will help you decide on the final appearance. Ask the buyer how they feel about their couch purchase if you come across their Instagram post.

Review The Return Policy - before submitting the order. Because every business has a different return policy, be sure you understand the fine print. Businesses often charge the cost of the return shipment. Sometimes it's less expensive to sell something privately than to pay the return costs.

Frequently Ask Questions

  • What is the standard three-seater sofa size?

          Three-seater sofa dimensions are 190cm x 88cm x 85cm.

  • Can the three-seater sofa be installed in any space?

          Yes, there is enough space for placement and free movement.

  • Why buy a three-seater sofa from a Dream Home Store? 

          Because we are a leading brand in the United Kingdom and can be trusted for quality, we offer high-quality products at budget-friendly prices. Additionally, our products can be purchased online and delivered at select pin codes across the country.