Bathroom design may require more thought than any other place. Even if the kitchen is an exception, the soothing presence of a kitchen designer can help to smooth the process.

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When it comes to bathrooms, you'll usually have to deal with the plasterer, plumber, and flooring installation on your own, which can be stressful.

The average bathroom is small, needing imaginative space usage to accommodate all of the necessary amenities while staying appealing and enjoyable.

Furthermore, installation, which requires plumbing, careful space planning, and technical skills, can be surprisingly complex.

It pays to employ a designer, whether it's an interior designer, a professional bathroom designer, or, at the least, an experienced builder/plumber with a design eye, with so many inspiring bathroom ideas to choose from.

What is the best way to Decorate a Bathroom? 

Start by evaluating how you use your current space and noting what works and what doesn't while thinking about how to design a bathroom.

After that, look at bathroom photos for ideas and construct a wish list that covers all potential users, their individual needs, and how they could change in the future.

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A family bathroom, for example, should include a bath as well as hardwearing and splash-proof surfaces, whilst a master bathroom or en-suite may afford to be a bit more opulent.

How Do You Design a New Bathroom Layout? 

With so many bathroom layout ideas to choose from, a range of factors will influence how you plan your new bathroom layout. This covers the purpose of the restroom, its size, who will use it, and how often they will use it.

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Let's start with the visual effects that a well-designed bathroom can have:

The initial impression: Because this is such an important component of design, it's a good idea to start with the bath or basin rather than the toilet when organising your bathroom arrangement.

Pick one essential component: Build your design around a stand-alone bath, a stunning vanity, or a lavishly tiled shower area.

Symmetrical layouts: If the dimensions of the room lend themselves to symmetry, consider a symmetrical plan, that may be aligned with an architectural treasure like an original sash window.

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Make space: Allow enough room around each fitting for comfortable usage, and consider the swing of shower doors. Choose inward opening doors or an over-bath shower if you have a small bathroom.

Inquire with professionals: Seek the assistance of specialists to see beyond the current circumstances. 

Create drama in larger bathrooms: Avoid anything that clings to the walls in larger bathrooms and instead experiment with angles. You may make your bath more active by moving it forward and incorporating an innovative walk-in shower design behind it.

How to Design a Family Bathroom 

This is usually the largest bathroom in the house, and it's accessible from the main hallway. Fixtures and finishes in a busy family bathroom should be chosen with low maintenance and extended life in mind.

'I would always use porcelain tiles in a family bathroom, particularly slip-resistant porcelain on the flooring since they are incredibly hard-wearing and would still look great in years to come,' says Ripples' senior designer Katie Gisby.

They also don't require any maintenance, which is crucial.

From toddler toys to an ever-expanding array of teen toiletries, plenty of storage is essential.

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How to Design a Master En-Suite 

You can afford to throw caution to the wind and use rich materials and a more complex lighting system to create a peaceful ambience in a master en-suite bathroom that is only used by responsible adults.

Choose his and her vanity spaces with adjacent dressing rooms if there is adequate space.

This is the place to invest in pricy contemporary bathroom ideas like a steam shower or an intricate sound system - which may be wrecked by naughty kids or oblivious guests - and to relax on opulent surfaces that represent your style.

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If you're short on space, be creative with your small bathroom ideas and build a bathtub in the bedroom, leaving only a little area for the toilet and sink.

Recommended Bathroom furniture 

Bathroom Mirror Cabinet 

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Bathroom mirror cabinet 600x800mm 

This quality mirrored bathroom mirror cabinet with LED lighting is a real essential and its fantastic design can also greatly enhance the looks and ambience of your bathroom.  


  • Full mirror door 
  • Save energy up to 68%
  • Made of rust-free aluminium alloy & HD mirror 
  • Touch sensor 

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Bathroom Mirror 

DHS7 Bathroom mirror 

This illuminated bathroom mirror can bring your bathroom light, adding a cool white shine that will upgrade the relaxation of your bathroom. 


  • CE-certified waterproof LED Power supply 
  • Automatic Anti-Fog function 
  • Touch demister pad 
  • HD copper-free mirror glass

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Hollywood Mirror with Bluetooth

Modern Hollywood mirrors enhance your room and LED bulbs around the mirror provide better illumination. The makeup LED Bulbs and speakers are controllable by Bluetooth. 


  • Hollywood mirror 3 colour modes
  • Comes with a USB charging port
  • Dimmable lighting control by giving a slight touch 
  • A pair of speakers on the back of this vanity mirror

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Wooden Bathroom cabinet


This cabinet is the perfect solution for space-saving for your bathroom. This free-standing bathroom unit looks sleek and stylish, perfect for your bathroom space and look. 


  • Perfect dimensions for any bathroom size 
  • Waterproof best suitable for bathroom use 
  • This cabinet can be used in any room like a bathroom, living room, kitchen, & other room 
  • Made of high-quality MDF wood 
  • Strong and durable enough for long-lasting use

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