We can assist you in determining how to design a living space. Because determining where to start may be challenging, whether you're working with a space – perhaps you're relocating – or one that's quite busy. So now you know everything there is to know about designing a living room from the ground up.


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Whatever the size, shape, or orientation of your living room, we've covered all you need to know about furniture, paint colours, layouts, and carpets to help you make the best decisions. After you've gone through all of the helpful hints, have a look at our living room ideas for some terrific design inspiration.


1. How Should the Furniture in the Living Room be Placed?


The layout is the first step in creating a living room design. You may have a small living room with restricted furniture arrangement options, but regardless of the size of our spaces, most of us design our living rooms around one thing: the television. While transforming your living room into a home cinema room is perfect for Friday night Richard Curtis marathons, it isn't always the most effective – or even the most appealing – way to arrange your furnishings.

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If you have the room, arrange furniture to create useful zones, especially in open-plan living areas. Create a separate reading area by placing an armchair near a window or table lamp; designate a dedicated workstation to a corner with a console table, desk, or home office hidden in a cabinet; or use open shelving to separate a children's play zone from the rest of the room.


When it comes to creating a living area, think about what you truly need and what you can do without. Seating, side and/or coffee tables, a TV unit, and storage for everything from game equipment to toys to books are all necessities. What else could be moved if the room starts to feel crowded?


If you're not sure where to start with your living room design, use a tape measure to measure the space. After that, you may create a layout and several options for how your furniture might fit into the space. In this guide to the best living room arrangement ideas, you'll learn more about where to position your furniture.


2. Personal Style Should be considered When designing a Living Room 


After you've settled on your living room furniture plan, it's time to get creative and customise your space. You'll spend most of your time there if you don't have children, and you'll start there in the afternoon if you do.


While the age of your house, its inherent architectural elements, the style of the rest of your rooms, and the style of your present living room furniture will all affect the style of your living room design, it must also fit your lifestyle. too. In other words, if you have children, a living room full of ornate antiques is usually out of the question, and a modern living room design can be more your style. Browse our collection of modern living room designs for ideas.

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Make a list of your favourite living room ideas (pinning them to a Pinterest board) and you'll see patterns emerge that will serve as a great basis for your room design. What should you stay away from? A style that contrasts sharply with your home's age: The 1930s design works well in younger homes but not in older ones, while a heavy Victorian does not work in a 1970s home.

Don't be hesitant to mix and combine styles, even if you're inclined to stick to one. As a result, the room will feel less manufactured and more comfortable, and after all, it is the room where you unwind at night, so it should be a real reflection of your taste. (Unless you want to sell, in which case we recommend depersonalising...)


3. Pick a Colour Scheme For your Living Room 


It's time to pick your living room paint colours after you've decided on your aesthetic. Consider the room's size and ceiling height while making your decision. If you have a small living room and want to make it look larger and brighter, try lighter colours; if you primarily use your living room in the evening, perhaps darker colours will make it feel more intimate and private.


If you have a larger living room, you may try a darker design palette, a dramatic feature wall, or get creative with powerful paint colours.

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Remember that the amount of natural light in your living space should impact your colour choices. Warmer colours, such as white, blue, and grey, may make north- and east-facing living room colour schemes feel more welcoming; similarly, south- and west-facing rooms will receive a lot of sunlight, so you may want to choose cooler colours to keep them feeling tranquil.


Choose one main accent colour and one or two accent colours to use in smaller amounts once you've settled on your primary room colour. This allows you to warm up a neutral scheme, cool down a bright scheme, connect two ends of a long or open-plan area, and maybe even tie your living room and hallway colours together for overall consistency.


4. Choose Practical Living Room Flooring 


Your living room flooring will be subjected to a lot of wear and tear, choosing the proper solution is essential. Although a light-coloured carpet may look attractive at first glance, darker colours, current designs, or a low-pile, stain-resistant carpet should be preferred. In any event, understanding how to clean the carpet before having it put is essential. Natural flooring, such as sisal, is another option, but it may be difficult to maintain, so go for a rug composed of these materials instead of a hard surface.


Instead, choose hard-wearing wood or laminate flooring, which may be enhanced with a rug to add warmth and comfort.

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If you don't live on the bottom floor of an apartment, try installing a reasonably thick underlay beneath your living room flooring to limit the chance of a neighbour knocking on your door while you're in the middle of a Zumba DVD. Pet owners might want to choose a carpet that hides pet hair or invest in the best vacuum for pet hair.


5. Pick The Best Living-room Furniture 


Now, let's look at some of the best living room furniture designs. This is going to be the most expensive part of your living room design, so think about what you need and what you don't (which may mean giving up on using your coffee table as anything other than a footrest and replacing it with an ottoman that can be used as extra seating instead).


Start with the basics and think about what furniture your living room needs – and how you might make it more versatile, for example, by adding hidden storage.

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Consider how long each piece has to last and what is worth investing in - soft furnishings take the most abuse, so obtain the best quality you can within your budget or go for removable covers that can be machine washed.


Also, make sure you choose furniture that will last the test of time, both in terms of utility and aesthetics. Choose shapes, forms, colours, and patterns that will not go out of style quickly or that you will become weary of.


6. Find The Perfect Sofa For Your Living Room Design 


It's easy to get caught up in the variety of colours and materials available while searching for a sofa, but forgo the frills and focus on the more practical aspects first. Evaluate the size and shape of the area, how many people you'll be seating, where the couch will go in the room, and whether a sofa bed would be a more practical purchase; then consider whether detachable covers are necessary.


After that, you may consider your sofa's style, shape, and colour. The majority of us select a neutral colour for the covers since it is easier to redecorate. What is our suggestion? Couches with bright or vibrant patterns are fantastic focal points, but be sure you'll like them in the long term.

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Low-backed couches look more casual and take up less visual space than more traditional-looking, more formal high-backed sofas.


If your living space is limited, consider if you truly require such a massive piece of furniture that takes up so much valuable space. We understand that picturing your life without a three-seater, reclining couch is tough, but join us in our fantasy. A love seat or a smaller sofa could be more practical, giving you more floor space and possibly additional seating options.


7. Consider Living Room Storage Solution 


Clutter will find its way into the living room no matter how hard you try to keep it out, so be prepared and add plenty of storage.

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To save space and eliminate unnecessary superfluous furniture, choose pieces with as much adaptability as possible, such as coffee tables with plenty of storage shelves, TV cabinets with integrated drawers, and even sofas with hidden storage. Choose open and closed storage options for your living room cabinets to hide clutter while displaying your most prized belongings.


8. Get The Living Room Lighting Right 


Because we spend so much time in the living room in the evenings, lighting is crucial to its design. The right lighting can transform your living room into a relaxing, inviting space; on the other hand, inadequate lighting may make your space feel as drab as a dentist's waiting room.

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Consider the different zones in your living room and choose light sources accordingly: task lighting, such as a standing or table lamp over an armchair for reading; a dimmable central pendant light for when you want the room brightly lit; and plenty of accent lighting, such as low-level table lights, picture lights, and even lighting hidden within alcove shelving.


Lighting may also be used to produce effects. Down-lighters may make a room feel more intimate; spotlights can bring attention to a feature, such as a huge house plant; warm-coloured lightbulbs can make the room feel cosier; daylight-mimicking bulbs can make the area appear brighter.


Recommend Living-room Furniture 


These rugs/Mets are perfect for adding comfort and colour to your floor at an affordable price. 

  1. Fluffy Shaggy Rugs 


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    Coffee Tables 

  • Glass Coffee Table


    A glass coffee table can help weave together the final pieces of any living room design. This stylish transparent range. This coffee table creates the illusion of light and space. 




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