Suppose you need a hanging egg chair in your life if you enjoy comfort and adventure. It's that easy. Given the wide range of egg chairs on the market, many people would find themselves looking for information on this subject. Many homeowners have discovered that these chairs have several advantages, which may be why you're considering purchasing one. They are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and fashions, which might make selecting one quite challenging. Fortunately, Dream Home Store has once more come to your aid. Beginning with how to obtain one of these amazing seats, we have created the definitive egg chair shopping guide that will make choosing the ideal chair for you as simple as it can be.

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What is an egg chair? 

An egg chair may be the ultimate extravagance in a statement garden piece. These deep-seated chairs are designed in the style of the mid-century. Their initial design was modelled like an egg; they are rounded at the back and closely encircle this resting region, giving the chair's top an encasing appearance. It's not surprising that these egg chairs have evolved into a must-have item for the house because they provide support from all sides and an almost cocoon-like seating choice for various rooms.

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The majority of egg chair designs will have a solid metal base. A powerful chan and spring are typically used to secure the egg-shaped seat to the stand. Anyone sitting on one of these hanging egg chairs will experience a slight bounce; as a result, making them feel comfortable and supported.

Did you know that an egg chair isn't only for sitting outside?

Even though an egg chair's natural environment is a patio or garden, these unusual chairs shouldn't be restricted to the garden furniture category. A hanging egg chair may be used both inside and outside, and a woven egg chair can give your interiors a relaxed, bohemian feel.

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Where can I Buy An Egg Chair? 

There are numerous reliable stores, such as Dream Home Store Furniture, where you may buy egg chairs. A hanging egg chair is a wise investment because it may serve as a cosy nook for unwinding, swinging, reading, or simply resting while taking in the scenery. You must know what to look for when purchasing an egg chair, whether you decide to have an indoor egg chair, an outdoor egg chair, or a double egg chair.


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What should you look for when you buy an egg chair? 


The size of an egg chair is the first crucial factor. You must ensure that the egg chair you choose will fit into the space or place it is designed for because they are often much larger than a typical armchair or dining chair.

Some designs are exclusively single-seaters, while others are suited for two persons. A double egg chair will be broader than a single egg chair.

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While it is true that these chairs have a basic design in general, there are still a few minor variants to choose from. While some will be less enclosed or have a separate canopy to protect you from the sun, others will be more circular. Briefly, certain things are higher, flatter, deeper, or more confined than others. It's crucial to weigh your alternatives and pick a chair that complements your preferences and the design of the room or space where you intend to put it. The majority of egg chairs are densely woven and provide some sun protection when placed in gardens. Due to no one being able to see through it, a tighter weave can also indicate greater privacy. An open, airy egg chair, in comparison, is more exposed yet will enable you to appreciate your surroundings, not to mention colours completely. Standard or natural colours are typically the only options for an egg chair. Egg chairs are frequently made in grey, cream, white, or brown, so they won't likely clash with the room's design.

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Even though comfort frequently takes centre stage in discussions about furniture, design is still vital. Since of their cocoon-like design, egg chairs are extremely comfortable because they let you sink right into them. Most of these chairs often have detachable cushions set in place, improving their overall comfort. There is always the possibility to utilise cushions sitting about the house if an egg chair is considering purchasing one that does not have fixed cushions. Still, it is important to note that they will not be orthopaedic in design. When sitting in one of these, there will be no way to support your upper back or head because a typical cushion will not be set in place and instead move with you or fall behind.

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Egg chairs are frequently used outside; if this applies to you, you must ensure that the chair is weather-resistant and strong enough to handle inclement weather. A material that can resist fading, corrosion, and degradation must be used to build an outdoor egg chair. Typically, this will be made of synthetic rattan. When abandoned outside.

We still advise covering your egg chair with a cover while not in use to increase its longevity. Egg chair coverings are made to suit your egg chair swing; however, the cushions must be removed and brought indoors after usage to prevent material from fading from the sun or being wet from the rain.

This component doesn't require as much consideration for indoor use. Most materials may be used within the house without being hampered by these issues. It is advisable to place your indoor egg chair away from windows or locations in direct sunlight to prevent any fading from the sun.


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With or Without a stand

After you've done this and settled on a hanging egg chair, it's important to consider how the chair is suspended. Both egg chairs that hang from the ceiling and those that stand on their own may be adjusted to swing from side to side or from back to front. This implies that you will also need to check that no nearby furniture or house decorations will be harmed by it while it swings.

Both have extra benefits and drawbacks that merit serious study. It is simple to transfer an egg chair with a stand into various locations and spaces, but the stand will take up more area. However, egg chairs with a permanent suspension from the ceiling have a smaller placement range. They cannot be moved once they are up, giving them a cleaner, more minimalistic appearance.

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